She Births a baby Boy, with her partner watching from the other side of the Country!

Are you amazed as much as I am by just reading the title?!

When I read the article supplied by – Father witnesses Son’s birth from over 4000km away! I was surprised how brilliant technology has developed over the past 10-15 years!

In this article and supported video (MUST WATCH) it takes us through the emotions of witness the birth of our own children but equally, reminds us how precious this first moment is!

I remember each of the births of my three sons, and it is one group of memories that I will NEVER FORGET!

So for the advancement of technology to develop so cleverly in this way, just makes its fantastic for fathers and relatives to be involved.

I don’t know how far this technology will go but Samsung have provided a great product.(Samsung VR Live Headset).

Please watch the video, and let us know your thoughts and opinions.



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