Introduction To Uggogg And Inny: Pacifier Holders

Uggogg and Inny

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Uggogg and Inny are two little friends. They spend all their time together and know the importance of sharing and caring.

They aim to promote caring and sharing and they will do this by introducing new friends and products, creating our own little community of friendships and happiness.

They represent a new brand of Children and Baby products that is available to buy online!


About Dummies Or Pacifiers   

happyParents have used dummies, pacifiers, comforters, or soothers for centuries. As the names suggest, parents use them to calm and settle babies and, sometimes toddlers too.

Babies are soothed by the action of sucking. You may find your baby needs to suck on something for comfort when he’s awake and not feeding. As he gets older and finds other ways to soothe himself, he’ll need to do this less.

It may do for some mums and babies. Official guidance is that it’s best not to give your baby a dummy until you’ve established breastfeeding, which is usually by the time your baby is about a month old.

Benefits Of Uggogg & Inny’s Dummies Or Pacifiers

Our soft toy dummy & pacifier holders, not only hold the key to helping improve parents’ sleep during the night! They also have a lot of other advantages:

♥ Weaning babies from soothers

♥ Cuddling and Comfort

♥ Hand & Eye Coordination

♥ Soothing any time of Day or Night

♥ Pacifiers can be changed to grow with baby from birth through their teething, weaning and sleeping stages

♥ Reduced broken sleep due to lost/dropped pacifiers

♥ Less time spent searching for pacifiers

♥ The pacifier clip is strong enough to prevent baby from releasing it themselves yet is easy for you to unclip to remove the pacifier

♥ Comes with a strong, safe press stud clip which allows you to easily remove your baby’s pacifier for sterilising or to change the pacifier to that of your own choice in line with baby’s development needs.

♥Your Soft Toy Pacifier Holder comes with a complimentary BPA free pacifier but you will want to choose your own.

♥100% Polyester

♥ Comes in a range of designs – Charley the Cheetah, Curly the Caterpillar, Lewis the Penguin, Uggogg the Panda, Karrie the Koala, Danni the Dolphin, Parker the Polar Bear & Buddy the Reindeer. They are cute, cuddly companions for your baby. You will both fall in love with them all. We will all get to know each one of them on our next blog….

Collect all eight dummy holders now!

Collect all eight dummy holders now!


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