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Hi! My Name Is Uggogg The Panda!

I am cute, cuddly and can be your babies and binkies best bud.




Did You Know That?


Pandas have been a symbol of peace in China. For example, hundreds of years ago, warring tribes in China would raise a flag with a picture of a panda on it to stop a battle or call a truce.

panda infant

Pink, blind and hairless, panda infants weigh just three to five ounces and have been compared in size to a stick of butter. But within a year, pandas tip the scales at around 100 pounds; fully mature pandas can be up to six feet long and reach 350 pounds.

pandas eating bamboo

Panda’s eat a lot of Bamboos. Giant pandas are technically carnivores, but their diets consist nearly exclusively of bamboo.Because the plant lacks much nutritional value, pandas eat up to 85 pounds of bamboo a day to maintain their energy levels and can scarf down a shoot in about 40 seconds.Don’t worry! Their throats have a special lining to protect against splinters. But all that fiber has side effects though.

The word “panda” may have developed from the Nepalese word poonya, which means  bamboo-eating animal or plant-eating animal.

panda six paw

Pandas have six fingers on each paw. Unlike other members of the bear family that have little or no dexterity in their paws, pandas have opposable “thumbs”, along with five other fingers, that help them hold bamboo and remove the plant’s stems and leaves before eating.  Pandas are pigeon-toed; in other words, they walk with their front paws turned inward.

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